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Heavy Duty Towing & Rotator Service

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing & rotator service.

Heavy duty towing is not something that just any company under the sun can handle. The sad part is that a lot of novice companies want to take on these services to get noticed, and people hire them because of there below market prices. All we can say is if you are in the cargo truck, and semi-automatic truck business you know what a decent towing service costs.

Don’t be fooled by those low prices from cheap companies that may even leave you in a worst spot than the one you were in before! At Greenville Towing Service our team can take care of your heavy duty needs. Whether it’s providing rotator services for trucks that have been in an accident or transporting certain equipment for things like construction sites!

Rotator Service

These services include tending to trucks that have been in a wreck and have rolled over or fallen into ditches or even bodies of water.

Our boom trucks equipped with heavy-duty cranes can single-handedly or even team lift trucks that are in a difficult spot. From there the truck can be raised to one of our tow trucks and towed away to a secure location. We can coordinate these services with out of state companies that just so happen to have an issue when passing through Pitt County.

Fully Licensed By State & Local Authorities

Our company has passed all of the legal barriers put forth by the state of North Carolina and other local authorities with flying colors. That means we are authorized to operate with heavy-duty trucks and machinery. Not every company that you will find online or anywhere else can say the same.

Our team of drivers is constantly receiving certification updates to make sure that they are up to date with the latest technologies featured in our trucks. Also, they get legal briefs so that they are also up to date with state legislation so that they don’t end up putting you in even bigger trouble than what you were in, in the first place!

Towing Construction Materials

Planning a new construction project in the area that will require moving heavy objects, or machinery? Well, as a long-time local company we welcome all new investments from which the area will largely benefit!

As the local leader in construction material towing and movement, we would love to talk to you about the services that you will be requiring. Call or contact us today so we can talk about a long-term collaboration project, or schedule pick up and drop off if any type of heavy duty equipment!

Long Distance Heavy Duty Towing

We can also help you tow heavy-duty vehicles and equipment to out of state locations.

Call or contact us today so we can discuss the wide array of possibilities we have available for you! The quicker you get the equipment fixed that more time they will spend doing the work you need out them!  

Greenville, NC