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Light to Medium Towing

This is a picture of a light to medium towing.

Stats are sadly stacked up against your car potentially breaking down at one point or another. Instead of crunching the numbers to find out when something can potentially happen to your car or van it’s best that you prepare for the worst.

We are of course not suggesting that you go out and buy a bike right now just in case your car breaks down! Just have our number saved on your phone in case you may need to give us a call. At Greenville Towing Service we can tend to any of your towing needs. We can also roadside assistance to you for when you just need a quick fix!

Light Towing Services

So you are stuck on the side of the road and you have no way of getting your car near any shop or anything that could help you out! We can be at your location in a matter of minutes ready to hitch your car up to one of our trucks and get it to the nearest shop or any place you need it to be.

Even in the toughest of conditions our team of professionals is qualified to not only hook the car onto the truck but drive safely to your desired location. If we can handle 18-wheelers we can surely get your car to a safe place.

Medium Towing

Some towing companies want to make you think that all towing styles are the same. That is just simply not the case at all! If you have a large sized van or delivery truck chances are a normal tow truck won’t be able to handle towing it properly.

Putting your car at a higher risk of suffering more damages than the ones it already has! Don’t risk it go with the guys at Greenville Towing Service. Be sure to mention what type of vehicle you need us to tow so we can provide the best service available.

Flatbed Towing

This type of towing involves mounting your car onto a platform that is later raised and will sit like a truck bed in one of our tow trucks to tow your car. We usually use these types of trucks when towing cars longer distances. That way your car is not halfway on the street and with its back tires still rolling in the pavement for a long period of time.

Towing Exotic Vehicles and Show Cars       

As towing experts, it would only make sense that our group of guys are supercar enthusiasts and lovers. So you can imagine that they get really excited when a potential client calls in to inquire about our towing services for exotic cars! Our guys will no doubt treat your car like you would treat it. Making sure that it arrives at its destination in the same exact shape that it was picked up.

When handling exotic cars we understand the process has to be extra careful. Just like they are trained to handle emergency situations are guys are also fully equipped to take on these tough tasks!

Greenville, NC