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Tow Truck Service

This is a picture of a tow truck service.

Tow trucks are just simply part of our DNA at Greenville Towing Service. That is why over the years we have amassed a huge line-up of trucks. That is just how passionate we are about towing services and how much we put into your safety. Of course, we started out with very simple trucks that offered just a couple of towing services. That was many, many years ago.

Today we provide our team of professionals with all of the top of the line equipment that they need to provide you with a premier service. With that said let’s go over the types of services that our variety of tow trucks can offer!

Dolly Towing Tow Truck Service

This is the basic towing service that incorporates a dolly system to lift cars off the ground. The dolly systems use a simple pulley style technique when it attaches a chain to the vehicle and pulls it upward. In this type of towing the car’s two back wheels are left touching the ground and are pulled along by the tow truck.

This is the quickest way to hook up a car to a truck and have it towed and it is mainly used for towing vehicles short distances.

Flatbed Towing

In flatbed towing cars are put on the platform either by their own power or pulled onto the platform. The platform is the raised and the car is loaded on to the back of the truck. In these types of tow trucks, cars do not touch the ground during the trip at all.

This makes them the perfect tow truck for long distance trips, and taking care of broken down vehicles we want to keep as upright as possible. Flatbed tow trucks are essentially huge pickup tracks that can carry cars!

Heavy Duty Towing

Your heavy-duty towing needs are all taken care of by our boom trucks specialized in handling heavy-duty vehicles and machinery. Most of these trucks come with a built-in powerful crane which is used for things like rotator services and which outs. Most of them are also equipped with a flatbed loading deck.

On these the same type of service that you can get from a flatbed truck applies. They are mostly used to help in transport of heavy machinery that can be loaded onto the flatbeds. Other versions of these trucks allow for more of a dolly style towing experience. Where towed trailers have their back wheels on the ground and just the front on the truck.

Emergency Service Vehicles

These are a series of trucks we use to provide emergency services like getting fuel to people with empty tanks or provide battery replacements. These trucks may look more like an ambulance than a tow truck.

The reason behind that is that they need to be more agile than are other trucks, but still, have enough room to carry equipment to aid you in a number of potential emergency situations. At times these vehicles can also provide a quick winch out for light-duty cars!

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